Asks and Offerings

It takes a lot of energy to make something like this happen. Energy comes in many forms - money, skills, time, effort, brain power, food, etc. We would appreciate your energy to help make this event the best it can be. The Emergence Convergence is run entirely by volunteers and all presenters are volunteering their time too. Below is a list of things that are needed (if you can offer something we have missed, you can email us to offer that too). Please email us at to let us know if you can make an offer.


This convergence is aiming to be zero waste. Please think about how you could contribute food items without leaving lots of waste for volunteers and our environment to deal with. Where possible, food will be purchased in bulk so if you are able to provide a gift of money, that will greatly help cover the food costs. There will also be a community pot luck dinner on the Friday night. Consider what package free meal you might be able to provide.

  • fruit

  • fresh herbs from your garden (basil, parsley, coriander, oregano, thyme, rosemary, dill, mint ...) (for pesto, seasoning, garnishing)

  • salad greens from your garden

  • greens from your garden (kale, chard, cabbage, silverbeet ...)

  • garlic, ginger and tumeric

  • loose leaf tea (black and green)

  • herbal tea (loose leaf or from your garden)

  • homemade jam

  • nut butters

  • nuts (peanuts, almonds, macadamia, cashew, walnuts, hazelnuts ...)

  • dry fruits (apricot, currants, sultanas, dates...)

  • honey

  • spices

  • quinoa

  • homemade bread

  • ethical eggs from your own hens

  • seeds (sunflower, pepitas, poppy, sesame, chia...) (for pesto, dressing, garnishing)

  • olives

  • capers

  • homemade preserves

  • homemade ferments

  • homemade yogurt

  • keffir

  • kombucha

  • a meal for the community potluck dinner on Friday 29th Nov


Are you able to volunteer some time during the event or leading up to the event? Click here to add your name to the volunteer spreadsheet.

Some of the tasks we need help with are: 


  • preparing food (we have people organised to lead the meals but are looking for volunteers to assist)

  • washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen

  • setting up the venue

  • organising sound, lighting and projection

  • stage management

  • welcome team

  • solutions team to solve any problems that arise

  • marketing the event

  • documenting the event 

  • photography

  • hosting someone from out of town: billet spreadsheet is here

  • providing carpooling and other transport: carpooling spreadsheet is here

  • picking up food and other items

  • staying for the pack down on Sunday afternoon/evening

material items

These things are only needed on loan during the convergence

  • whiteboard markers

  • chalks

  • pens and paper

  • blue tack

  • zip ties

  • white board

  • black board

  • a big clock to help people get to the sessions on time

  • toilet paper

  • three large identical shallow buckets for dish-washing station

  • buckets for compost

  • tea towels

  • dish-washing liquid

  • environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • cleaning brushes, sponges, gloves, rags, etc.

  • serving spoons and big stirring sticks

  • blender

  • tea strainers

  • compost bucket

  • sharp knives

  • knife sharpener

  • big bowls

  • blankets and pillows to sit on

  • decoration to make the venue beautiful

  • extension cords


If you are able to make a gift of money that will help cover the following costs:

  • venue hire - $1200

  • food - approximately $2000

  • printing and miscellaneous expenses

  • travel expenses for people who need assistance to get there

  • other expenses

Bring your gift in cash or transfer into the following account:

Account name: Eco Villages Australia

Bank Australia

BSB: 313-140

Account number: 12177477

Reference: your name Emergence Convergence

This is a transparent event by the community, for the community. A complete list of money in a money out will be presented at the Emergence Convergence.