About the Emergence Convergence

Many people have realised that we humans are collectively consuming our only home - planet Earth.


The financial system cannot be sustained, species are becoming extinct, mental and physical health issues are on the rise and power is distributed into fewer and fewer hands. 

But you know this and so do I. We are ready to do something about it. Our actions may seem small but there are people all around the world who are building the new paths to a regenerative future. 

The Emergence Convergence is all about coming together to work on the solutions. Hear what actions people are already taking and what projects are coming into existence. Share your story, your dream, your solutions.


Now is the time for stepping up and we need, more than ever, to work together.

Embedded in this event is the concept of the gift economy. It's not an easy task to reconstruct a new economy. But we can start to re-think the many forms of energy at our disposal and how our energy is used. Where we direct our energy is critical in a climate emergency. So come along to the Emergence Convergence to generate will to put energy towards solutions.