What is the Emergence Convergence?

Many people have realised that we humans are collectively consuming our only home - planet Earth.


The financial system cannot be sustained, species are becoming extinct, mental and physical health issues are on the rise and power is distributed into fewer and fewer hands. 

But you know this and so do I. We are ready to do something about it. Our actions may seem small but there are people all around the world who are building the new paths to a regenerative future. 

The Emergence Convergence is all about coming together to work on the solutions and to have fun doing it. Hear what actions people are already taking and what projects are coming into existence. Share your story, your dream, your solutions. There is a full program of workshops, panel discussions, classes, shared meals, screenings and more.

Embedded in this event is the concept of the gift economy. It's not an easy task to reconstruct a new economy. But we can start to re-think the many forms of energy at our disposal and how our energy is used. Where we direct our energy is critical in a climate emergency. So come along to the Emergence Convergence to generate the will to put energy towards solutions. 

Mark's rap at GEN TOT Narara.jpg

This is a photo of a group of people participating in training with the Global Ecovillage Network in June 2019. 

What is the Global Ecovillage Network?

Imagine a world living abundantly, while within its limits. A world that is regenerating rather than depleting the environment, and where cooperation and connection are rewarded. GEN aims to create such a world by spreading the physical and cultural technology of ecovillages.

This network of eco-citizens, eco-projects and ecovillages is all about connecting and empowering people around the world. 

Here in Australia, GEN is relatively young but it already includes a number of established ecovillages and is looking to broaden and build capacity to serve in this climate emergency. 

For more information about GEN international, click here to visit the website. 

GEN Australia website here.


The Emergence Convergence will be held at the Maleny Showgrounds, Maleny-Stanley River Road, Maleny. Camping will be available on site and bookings are not required.

No drugs or alcohol

This is a drug and alcohol free event. Help us to bring clarity and health to our social movement by avoiding drugs and alcohol during your time at the Emergence Convergence.


Children are welcome to attend the event although the content of the program may not appeal to children. Children's activities will be minimal but if you specialise in working with children, feel free to contact the Emergence Convergence team with an offer. 

What to bring

The Showgrounds kitchen has plates, bowls, cups, etc. This is a zero waste event so if you are bringing snacks, think about how you can avoid single-use packaging. It would be great if you could bring your own keep cup and drinkbottle to save people having to wash up endless used cups. Bring enough warm clothes as the nights may be cool up here on the mountain. Bring your camping gear, exact cash for camping ($25 per night) and enough $1 coins for the showers. Bring a spirit of generosity. Please also have a look at the 'Asks and Offerings' page as we have specific things we are asking people to loan and donate.  


Eating together is an important part of the Emergence Convergence. All meals at the Showgrounds will be catered (eight meals). Food will be vegetarian/vegan. If you have other dietary requirements, include them on the registration form. On Friday night there will be a community potluck dinner. Please bring a packaging-free meal to share. On Saturday night, we are giving the cooks a night off. This will be an optional restaurant night.

Food is through gift economy. We ask that participants make a donation to cover meals. If you have food to contribute, please email genconvergence@gmail.com with the type of food and the amount (see the "Asks and Offerings" page here for more information about this). Remember, this is a zero waste event so please focus on homemade, homegrown, sourced from bulk stores or reclaimed food.

Registration and attendance

You will need to register (click here). The organisers have put a lot of work into developing a program that flows. Your presence for the entire event would be greatly appreciated. 


Camping will be available on site and bookings are not required. Register for camping at the Show Society office (Hill St) on arrival by completing the registration form, and placing it in the after hours box, along with your nightly fee of $25 (cash only). See a map of the Showgrounds here. Hot showers are coin operated. Cost is $2 per shower and the machine only takes two one dollar coins.


Camping is $25 per night or you will need to find your own accommodation.

The public showers at the Showgrounds take two one dollar coins per shower.

We ask people to make a donation for food. 

There are no other costs to attend. If you have the capacity to gift energy in some form, that will really help to make this event sustainable. Excess funds raised will go towards projects alligned with the GEN vision and to ensure that this event can be run again in coming years. 


We need many volunteers to make this event work. The entire event is run by volunteers, in fact. You can add yourself to a volunteer shift or two on the online roster spreadsheet here

Carpooling and local billet accommodation

Offer a space in your car or find a lift through the carpool spreadsheet here.

Feel free to book alternate accommodation if you don't wish to camp or you may be able to find a billet opportunity with a local person through the billet spreadsheet here.

The Gift Economy

Welcome to a generosity experiment. This event is powered by the gift economy which you can read about here. Practicing giving without expectation of anything in return is powerful. In nature this happens all the time but in capitalist culture, it has been taken away to be replaced with a transactional economy which sells us (and our planet) short of real abundance and concentrates wealth into the hands of corporations and billionaires. Bodhi Yoga and Eco Villages Australia are gifting the venue fee, hire of equipment, etc. To help make this event financially sustainable, you are invited to make a gift too. See the "Asks and Offerings" page for more information.

Zero waste

This event is zero waste. That means we would appreciate participants to think about how waste can be avoided especially when it comes to our food and drinks. It's not an easy task considering the context we all live in. Our zero waste policy is as much about helping people to think in a new way as it is about the practical waste minimisation. Have a think about how our grandparents made it work. We can use traditional knowledge while integrating positive innovations. 

We have decided to include "rescue" food in our definition of zero waste. This is food that has been given a second chance; food that has been re-diverted from being wasted.